Michael Mao Dance is headquartered at 130 West 56th Street, New York City on the 4th and 7th floors, Michael’s works have been presented in China, Mexico, throughout the US, in Alaska, Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, Edinburgh, UK, Kosovo, and in Calabria, Italy. His “splendid and powerhouse” dancers come from all over the country and from all over the world. Michael Mao’s own bi-cultural, international background has infused his works with inclusive multiculturalism with a global outlook. From Shanghai to Alaska, from Manhattan to Paris, Michael’s diverse dancers have been hailed for their passionate, athletic and highly versatile dancing. Its MAIN STAGE program for 2015 includes classical, contemporary and international music, divergent ethos and wide cultural references. They celebrate our common humanity. For half-week residencies the company tours with a second, daytime 45 minute audience-engaging program for presenters’ diasporas, schools and communities.